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    Guarantee: I guarantee all animals to be in good health upon arrival and correctly sexed. If you properly care for this animal, I have no doubt it will thrive for you. Longer term guarantees aren't possible, simply because I have no way of knowing how you care for the animal.

    Please open shipping boxes and inspect all animals immediately upon arrival. If you have any concerns regarding your order, you must notify me within 4 hours of receipt (preferably immediately). I want you to be happy with your ball python, so please contact me as soon as possible if there are any problems.

    If there any problems with your ball python within 7 days or receipt, please contact me and we'll work something out. If a replacement is necessary, I reserve the right to replace the animal with a similar animal that has the same (or higher) value. If the animal cannot be replaced, I will give you credit towards a different morph or towards a future purchase. I can not give out cash refunds.

    Note that newly acquired snakes may take more than a week to begin feeding due to the stresses of shipping and the new environment. Do not panic! The best policy is Hands Off! Newly acquired ball pythons need some time to themselves, and they need to feel secure (try packing extra paper towels or newspaper in their enclosure). The animal was feeding well at my facility, and once it feels secure it will begin feeding for you. You can see care information on the following pages and I will be glad to help you as well:

    -Ball Python Setup
    -Ball Python Caresheet
    -Ball Python FAQ

    Genetics guarantee:
    I guarantee the genetics of all the animals I sell. All my animals come with signed photo ID containing DOB, Morph, ID number. I keep all my records so that photo ID can be used if you decide to sell your animal. Your buyer can visit my website or contact me personally to confirm the genetics.

    Shipping in the US: Shipping is via overnight Fed Ex, live delivery guaranteed subject to the following terms. Shipments under $500 are guaranteed live arrival to your door, provided someone is there to receive the package. Shipments over $500 are guaranteed live arrival to your FedEx hub, and someone must pick the animal up within 1 hour of arrival (which is typically within 1 hour of the hub opening). The buyer pays actual shipping, to be determined based on the size of your order and zip code (typically $50-$60). All orders over $600 ship FREE! I can fit more than one animal in a box with no increase in shipping costs (and who doesn't love getting a gaggle of snakes!). Heat packs or cool packs are used if needed. I prefer not to ship when overnight lows are under 40 degrees. Animals are packed in snake bags and surrounded by newspaper. Quality insulated boxes are used, and I DO NOT cram the snake in the smallest possible box to save on shipping. A larger box helps protect your snake. If an animal arrives dead, I must be notified immediately and detailed pictures emailed within 24 hours. Please place the animal in the freezer in case I have further questions or require more photographs. I do not issue cash refunds for losses, but I do replace the animal at no charge. I ship late in they day and the package usually arrives the following morning by 10:30 AM. Someone MUST be present at the address to receive the package. Shipments can be sent to your place of employment if you like. I ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    Important Note: If the animal arrives and no one is home to accept delivery, then the live arrival guarantee is null and void. If the animal sits at the hub for longer than an hour, the live arrival guarantee is null and void. You must plan ahead and be ready for your animal's arrival! Once again, someone MUST be present to accept the animal or the live arrival guarantee is null and void.

    Payment Plans: I offer payment plans with 25% (non-refundable) down payment. Monthly payments are made after that. The duration of the payment plan is determined on a case by case basis. Once the animal(s) are paid in full, shipping arrangements will be made. The animal will not ship until it has been paid in full.

    Deposits and payments are non-refundable, please consider this before committing to purchase an animal. It doesn't make sense for me to hold an animal, follow through with the payment plan, just to have the customer decide they want their money back. In that case, I would have been better to sell the snake outright. The only exceptions to this is if the animal gets sick or dies while still in my care. Also, I understand surprise financial situations arise, and I will do my best to work with you if you need to lengthen your payment plan. But I do reserve the right to cancel a plan completely 60 days after the final payment was to be made. Please take all things into consideration before committing to a payment plan.

    1. PAYPAL, can also be used for payment. This is an excellent way to pay, with some measure of protection for buyer and seller alike.
    2. POSTAL MONEY ORDERS have a three day hold on them to ensure they clear before the shipment is sent out.
    3. PERSONAL CHECKS have a 10 business day hold placed on them to ensure they clear, then shipment will be made.

    A Final Note: I am every bit as concerned as you are about the scam artists out there. People have used fake pictures, there are people that broker animals (taking snakes in and out in rapid succession; a huge health concern for your collection!), people that lie about genetics, and some people that just don't care if you are happy with the animal you receive. All of this is opposite my philosophy. Please use the Board of Inquiry at to verify the identity of anyone you may consider buying from. I try my best to develop good relationships in this business, and always provide my customer with the best snake I possibly can. I hope you will give me the chance to put a high quality ball python into your collection, and I will work hard to make that happen.

    Thank you,