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    Welcome to Precision Pythons

    Welcome to Precision Pythons!  I'm a life-long herper who was "bit" by the ball python bug during my first years of graduate school, almost 8 years ago.  In the years since then, I have focused on building a top-quality ball python collection and sharing the joy that brings with fellow reptile enthusiasts.  In terms of keeping everyone up-to-date, I post most current news to my Facebook page, so be sure to follow us there.  Remember to click on "get notifications" and "show in news" feed after you "like" our page.  This will ensure you see all of our latest and greatest goings-on.  See my available page for links to my available animals, and be sure to inquire if you're looking for anything in particular!

    Thanks for your support and for visiting the site! Please contact me if you ever want to discuss anything related to ball pythons.


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    Here is my current year's hatching list!

    (And last year's list)